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Meeting professionals enjoy working with Tristen because he makes their job easy. 

Digital assets and details needed for a smooth experience

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Speaker | Social Media Ads Expert | Marketing Strategist | Podcast Host

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Audio-Visual Equipment

  • Please provide an LCD projector and screen with the ability to play both video and sound

  • Tristen uses PC laptops and travels with adaptors for various projector equipment VGA and HDMI setups. 

  • He will have his presentation on his laptop and a USB memory stick. In the event you would prefer he uses your laptop, he can send his presentation up to 48 hours before the event.

  • Tristen uses PowerPoint and will not need the internet (except for his training workshops).

  • Tristen conducts an A/V check approximately one hour before his scheduled presentation. His team will work with you to schedule the exact time that works best for you.

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