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Tristen delivers customized presentations with what’s working now in social media. He combines the experience of using social to grow two of his businesses, as well as the techniques and strategies he’s used to get some of his clients 250% ROI on their ad spend. 

His proven background in marketing is what has caused him to be hired by Fortune 500 companies, associations, chambers of commerce, and small business owners to help them achieve their revenue goals. 

His ability to connect with audiences from Gen X and Gen Y, to Baby Boomers, and teach them how to use social media ads in an easy to comprehend format is what makes his presentations so empowering and causes them to leave ready to take action and implement his teachings. 

Tristen’s presentations are available in the following formats:

Keynote: 45 - 60 minutes for small to large size audiences with a range of levels: beginner to advanced.

​Workshop or Breakout Session:  2 - 4 hours: hands-on, interactive, step-by-step creation and strategy implementation, and tools.


​Online / Webinar: 2-4 hours: Customized and targeted content that teaches your members systems, tools, and strategies in an easy to learn format.


On-site Training: Ideal for those who want to be able to implement a strategy immediately after the session. Highly interactive and engaging interaction with your team.


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How Social Media Ads Increase Brand Awareness, Automate Lead Generation, & Grow Event Attendance.

Your audience will walk away with action items they can implement immediately after the presentation. 

Increase Brand Awareness 

  • Discover 15 Billion reasons your brand needs to use social media ads and why the old way of social media marketing is obsolete

  • Identify if you have a Blockbuster mindset in a Netflix reality and how to stay in front of your target market consistently 

  • Learn why social media is just “media” and how to act accordingly 

Automate Lead Generation

  • Identify the three types of social media ads everyone should be utilizing

  • Develop a strategy to dominate your niche and never have to cold call again

  • Understand how to automate your marketing & retargeting and how to be on social media all day without being on social media all-day 

Grow Event Attendance

  • Effectively use social media to get free awareness for your events

  • Learn how to keep those who are interested in your event engaged to increase your conversions

  • Discover how to get more registrations consistently and automatically 



• Learn how to master social media ads in one day

• Learn how to find, attract, and convert your target client using Facebook and Instagram

• Discover how to retarget everyone who engages with your online brand

• Automate your advertising

• Understand how to turn a cold audience into a warm audience

• Understand how to expand your brand and dominate your local market

• Learn how to attract and convert your target market using social media

• Remove the mystery behind social media advertising

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